Monday, September 22, 2014

Make Your Mondays - September 22nd

Em had a calming weekend recovering from her first mommy experience with navigating how to deal with a sick baby. Sure enough her little guy wasn't sick at all, but she learned a lot from the experience and is glad it's over. Nic's weekend was full of dates - Friday with BK and Mama D, and her TH Saturday with some friend at a comedy club! We both welcomed some cooler temps and hope they continue to plummet as we anticipate the arrival of Fall.

Sadly our society measures success by what we have.  How much of it, how new it is and often how expensive. But what is it all for, just to show others that we have money and therefore can buy "things"?  What about measuring success by your happiness?  Or the love you feel for what you do, who you are and the energy you share with others?  Isn't that the truest measure of success, living a happy life being grateful for all you have?  We surely think it is.

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