Monday, August 25, 2014

Make Your Mondays - August 25th

Em survived her first week home with twins!  Thank goodness for her amazing full service assistant/Thriving Mommy for staying over around the clock to make sure the new parents got some rest...getting two babies on a schedule takes a lot of work.  Through her tears of joy she even managed to take her boys out for a walk each day with her TH and has been truly living her dreams. Nic had a fun and productive weekend with her family, crossing off some much needed items on her to-do list but also making time for a playdate and lots of snuggles!

We all have to live with the choices we make.  If we made some mistakes during our journey, all we can hope is that we learned from them.  While you can't change what you may have done in your past, you can surely take that knowledge as you move into your future.  You have to make an effort to hop out of that "shame spiral" (Thanks Ash for the great term) and let it go, it's done, nothing to do about it now.  Quit feeling sick, take what you can from negative experiences and be prepared to make better choices in the future. 

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