Monday, August 18, 2014

Make Your Mondays - August 18th

Quite possibly the most thrilling MYM of all - Em's twins are here!!! The new family of four is now home, adjusting to their new lives together. Everyone is happy and healthy, and Em is killing that tandem breastfeeding routine, making milk like a champ! 

Woe is not us!  Concentrating on what you don't have is not going to bring forth what you want.  You must conjure what you do want in an effort to feel good and therefore put it out for the Universe to receive.  Even when you are so filled with what you don't have, hopefully you can bring it back to basics: you live in a country that is safe and allows you to live as you choose, you have fresh air to breathe, you have clean water to on and so forth.  So much of what we have is taken for granted, so dump all the "have not" and only focus on all the wonderful things you do have and all you want for your future.   

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