Monday, August 4, 2014

Make Your Monday - August 4th

Em had a busy weekend crafting and being quite the social butterfly!  On Saturday she not only attended BK's 1st birthday but also made it to a gorgeous wedding in Westlake.  Needless to say Sunday was a day only for recovery after all those outings in one day.  But, it was all worth it as BK was the cutest little thing to turn one and Mr & Mrs. Starr had just what they dreamed of a Starr Studded Wedding, CONGRATULATIONS!  Nic was busy tending to her recovery husband while also prepping for her little boy to turn one; wow how time flies!! Happy Birthday BK!!!

You get to decide.  You get to make whatever you want become a reality by your vision.  Don't fall into being a "realist" too often.  By all means accept reality, but don't let it stand in the way of your goals and what you want for yourself.  Send out what you want regardless of who agrees or disagrees; you get to decide how you feel and what you want from your life.  Make it positive and make it count!


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