Monday, August 11, 2014

Make Your Monday - August 11th

Em had a great weekend at home finishing her Little Golden Nursery!  Her personal interior/creative designer came down from the Bay Area to make all her craft dreams come true.  After her cloth diaper delivery this Tuesday she is really going to just be waiting for her boys to come...she is thrilled to be approaching 39 weeks! Nic managed to sneak away to San Diego for a bachelorette party, but was never apart from her phone lest her job as Em's doula needed to begin. Thankfully it seems we may still have some time - those boys must be awfully cosy!

One goal; we like the sound of that!  If all we worried about was feeling good, everything else would fall into place.  Traffic making you crazy? Well, sit back, take a deep breath, throw on that book on tape you have been wanting to listen to and accept it.  Why fight it and feel frustrated?  To feel good and embrace positivity will allow you to be successful and live happily... doesn't that sound just wonderful?!

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