Friday, August 22, 2014

Juicy End of Summer Sangria

With the end of summer quickly approaching (I know, I know, I too am drying my eyes) and the lazy warm days of catalog perusing (set down that Williams-Sonoma you've been flipping through) it seems only fitting that we toast to the end of another beautiful season with a cool drink. Anyone for sangria? I, myself am a huge fan, especially when made with some of my fresh squeezed juices. No, not our tasty juice recipes for this wine based treat,  you can ditch the greens on this one, just stick with the fruit juice. Think peach, strawberry, blood orange, pineapples and more!

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I typically use fruit that is in season (and organic) and use my fancy juicer (there are so may different types to chose from, find the one for you here) to get all that sweet goodness out of its skin and into my glass. I always save some fruit from a frothy fate to cut up and soak overnight in the pitchers. It makes for quite a  bite of pleasure when you make it to the bottom of your glass.

So what else do you need for a summer sangria?

The rest is easy breezy, mix together everything but the fruit and let sit overnight.  Then, the next day, give it a stir and add the fruit chunks. Before guests arrive, stir it a few more times and taste it.  Too bitter?  Add some more sweet sprite.  Too brandy-ish for ya?  Add another hit of fresh juice (hopefully you juiced enough to have some left over.  Taste just right?  Then pour over ice and ENJOY!

White-Pine and Red-Peach sangria are featured here, just swap out the right wine and fruit combo for you and your guests!
We would like to raise our fancy vintage glasses and make a toast to enjoy the last "official" week of summer and live in the present....starting with this sweet and juicy summer sangria.

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