Friday, August 8, 2014

Country Roads Antique Gardens

Knowing my love of exploring and all things vintage, it should come as no surprise that I have been asked by many (Nic included) to head to Orange to check out their popular Antique Mall.  I had been wanting to go for ages, but never seemed to make the time.  However, a few weeks ago, when my friend C asked if I wanted to go, I decided enough was enough I was going (despite being 8 months pregnant).  I made sure my Thriving Assistant (aka Mommy) was available and we made plans to go on a hot Friday afternoon.  We decided to tackle just a small portion of this magnificent land, an indoor smorgasbord, Country Roads Antiques and Gardens.

I spy with my little eye...Pyrex!
As soon as I crossed the threshold into this labyrinth of treasures, I knew I needed to take a breath and slow my roll.  I am easily distracted and can often go a mile a minute.  But in 90 degree heat and carrying two rather large boys in my belly, I knew I needed to proceed with caution and explore at my leisure.  The "hallways" are lined with small rooms shooting out in all directions, each with different vendors selling their goods.  It is almost as if you are walking into a different world upon entry of each room.  They are all laid out differently with their goods displayed in countless ways; it was quite a treat for the eyes!

Loved spotting these vintage wash boards, as I know Nic has been wanting some for her new laundry room.  The one with the "E" next to it seemed to be calling to me...sadly I had no reception inside to make sure Nic wanted me to buy it, drat!

This old sign caught my eye as I am a sucker for a wood sign.  I know my girl Maria would LOVE this for her home since she featured peaches in her May wedding to her southern sweetheart.

This booth was what girly dreams were made of with pink quilts hanging from hooks all over.  To make it even sweeter, these floral tins still caught my eye despite being showcased very high.  I LOVE a good tin and therefore was drawn to it!

In need of shutters for your home?  How about old windows or doors?  Well, then look no further, I found the MOTHER-LOAD!  I mean by these bad boys could be found by the PILE in the back of the store and the prices were quite reasonable!

How about a little striped footstool to add a pop of color in any room while putting your feet up? 

These pictures don't even begin to capture all that Country Roads had to offer.  We were in there for over an hour and I had to force myself out so I could sit down and drink some water!  I look forward to going back without my belly slowing me down and also checking out the Orange Antique Mall; I didn't even get to scope it out I was so tired!

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