Monday, July 14, 2014

Make Your Mondays - July 14th

Em spent the week at her hotel trying to stay cool while also checking in on her home to see the progress of the new floors. She had the pleasure of spending Saturday at the spa getting pampered with her girl Ash as they both prepare for their last weeks/month of pregnancy.  Hopefully her #homeownerproblems will all be behind her soon and she can get that nursery done! Nic beat the heat by attending her first game at Dodger Stadium with her TH on Saturday, and spent quality time with BK while TH watched the final world cup game on Sunday. She also managed to finish up BK's 1st birthday invitations - we can't believe how quickly that is approaching (along with the appearance of the twins)! 

What do you want?  Are you putting it out there?  If you are, then keep it up and you shall receive! We have yet to have the Universe not answer our vibrations in one way or another.  Perhaps it is not always in the way we may have anticipated, but it only meant that there was something better waiting to align.  Never stop trusting in your vibrations and continuing to send out positive energy to get whatever it is you want.  We promise, positive energy will always be felt. 


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