Monday, July 21, 2014

Make Your Monday - July 21st

Em spent the week trying to get the finished part of her home back in order with the constant help of her Thriving Mommy aka Full Service Assistant (she is really earning her keep, that one!).  Despite her stamina level being a low ZERO, her TH and TM have really stepped it up to help get things done.  With the final step of her #homeownerproblems being fixed on Tuesday, she will be able to put her house back together...yay!  Saturday, Nic and Em went to a wedding and enjoyed seeing lots of old friends.

You cannot control anyone else, but you can affect them.  Keep yourself in balance, work to find happiness and practice feeling good.  You will soon find that not only do others notice your positive energy, but people are drawn to it.  Only you have the power to send out good vibes and allow opportunities for those around you to receive and be influenced by them.


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