Monday, June 9, 2014

Make Your Mondays - June 9th

Em escaped her #homeownerproblems for the weekend with a quick trip to Northern California as the guest of honor at her first baby shower, thrown by her super crafty MIL. After a long car ride home Sunday she gears up to her last full week of school! Nic had an unusually un-scheduled weekend and took advantage by catching up on errands and helping her Mama with some stuff around her newly moved into house! 

Forgiveness is the greatest gift you could ever give someone.  Once that forgiveness is given (and truly given), then you must also allow yourself to let it go.  Do not hold onto what you said you forgave, only to throw it out later.  You must leave it in an effort to not only heal yourself, but also to find happiness.  Life is too short to hold onto things that upset you and allow negativity in your life, so forgive and move forward in peace.

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