Monday, June 30, 2014

Make Your Monday - June 30th

Em didn't let the tail end of a vicious cold stop her from not only a date night out, but also spending a lovely Saturday in Long Beach for her friend Ash's golf themed baby shower.  She even took a break from her busy social calendar to help her TH start moving stuff to the garage before the new floors get put in! (Don't worry, she mainly stuck to vintage plate lifting..)  With Nic's recent out of town overnight shifts for work, she was thrilled to have a weekend at home with her little fam! They finally got to tackle some housework that had been neglected for a while...

Let's DO IT!  Start having fun with life.  Work or play, let's make the choice the start having fun.  Whatever is coming next is coming fast, so slow it down, relax a bit and enjoy! Each day is such a gift and is meant to be appreciated to the fullest.  Find joy in the things you must do and relish in the things you want to do.  Life is far too short to not enjoy every second!

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