Monday, June 23, 2014

Make Your Monday - June 23rd

Em relished in her first weekend of summer by welcoming friends and family to Orange County to celebrate her final Little Golden Book themed baby shower thrown by her Magical Aunt B and close friend, Shell.  After the most lovely and beyond magical Saturday, it really hit Em that these boys were coming...and fast!  Next up, dealing with her #HomeownerProblems so she can finish nesting before babies. Nic of course attended Em's lovely shower on Saturday, followed by some family pool time. On Sunday the whole gang trekked up to her in-laws to visit her nephew, SIL, and BIL (along with the grandparents, obvi). It was a family/baby filled weekend to be sure!

The blame game; a vicious game that everyone falls into playing at some point.  It is easy to get sucked in and pretend that you are the victim.  But guess what? You choose to be the victim, you choose to blame others and see yourself as having no fault in any situation.  But most often, that is not the case.  We all have some part in everything, so the best thing you can do is step back, reflect, see your mistakes and learn from them.  You are the only one who can make changes in yourself.

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