Monday, June 16, 2014

Make Your Monday - June 16th

Em finished up her last full week of school and was showered with baby love from her colleagues on Friday; a perfect way to start the weekend!  Em and Nic had a glamourous Saturday night in Malibu at a wedding and then felt like death the next day simply from staying up so late.  Nic had a baby free weekend and got to catch up on some sleep only to ruin that by going to bed late Saturday! It was worth it though, congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. P!

Everyone interprets things they experience differently.  But if you always convey your truth you won't have to fumble through things that may or may not have been.  Ever noticed how when you lie you seem to get nervous?  Feel a lump in your throat?  Who needs that?  Be honest, speak your truth and be willing to accept others truths even if they differ from yours. 


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