Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's About to Go Down: The Third Trimester

19 weeks seems like it was yesterday...but it was SO long ago!
With the last leg of my pregnancy fully here, it is about to get REAL.  I honestly cannot get over how fast this all went.  It seems like just yesterday I was lying on my living room bed staring at the pictures of my little blastocysts as I endured strict bed rest after IVF.  Look at me now, I am literally counting down the weeks until my two bundles of boy joy come into the world.

A special Mother's Day present from the three boys in my life, thank you TH!
Thank you so much to those of you who have asked for an update, well after ten weeks, here is the latest:

  • Estimated due date: The "guess date" remains August 21st, 2014, but at my most recent ultrasound the boys were measuring and weighing in at being fully cooked by August 16th.  
  • Latest symptoms:  My awful back pain has all but vanished thanks to weekly visits to my chiropractor (who I am obsessed with BTW) as well as acupuncture treatments (obsessed with her too).  I have been feeling a bit more tired the past few weeks, but I just make an effort to go to bed earlier and deal.  Soon enough it will be summer time and once I get in myAM workout,  I will have all day to rest!  The biggest woe as of late is "broken feet".  Imagine wearing heels for 37 days straight while also being a food server working 24 hour shifts at Denny' those same heels.  That's pretty much how my feet feel all day.   Oh yeah, and that round ligament pain everyone talks about.  It is mostly a pressure at the lower part of my uterus, but if you catch me in the right movement, it feels like someone just slashed me with a hot  But, I just stretch out and apply pressure (as you would a muscle cramp).  All in all...I am doing great!
  • Weigh In:  Thus far I have gained a solid 50 lbs, which I think has a direct correlation to why my feet hurt lots of new extra weight!  Oh well, I get home and throw on my serious slippers and get my things done asap so I can relax and put my feet up.
  • Fitness program: I have been dedicated to one activity per day; one hour kick chat/swim sessions, 30 minute power walks or 30 minute strength training sessions.
  • Medical findings: I tested negative for gestational diabetes (whew) and am registering normal on all my blood work which is great considering I have twins.  The boys are coming in at over 2 lbs each and are both snuggled together, heads down at my hips.  They did a great job listening to their mommy tell them they needed to get ready for their calm and gentle Hypno entry into this world!
  • Exciting Developments: The babies are in FULL motion.  I feel either large "whomps" in my belly or like a tumbling wave is crashing to shore.  Clarke (Baby A) is closer to the front of my body so I feel him more than J.R., but when they both get going nothing is more fun than lifting my shirt up so I can watch the action.  It is beyond any description aside from, "magically insane".  I'm looking fear-ward to when they get even bigger and little arms and legs start shooting from all sides of me....YIKES!

With just a few short weeks of school left until summer, I am counting down the days until I get to resume my true calling as a homemaker and of course, prep for the boys.  My Thriving Mommy has officially made it back to California and will be heading down to OC to sign her contract as my Full Service Assistant in the upcoming weeks.  Since the nursery is as done as can be prior to my June baby showers, I just continue to fuss around finding new things to add and more baby clothes to wash, fold and put in the correct basket.

28 weeks and counting down to late August!
 Looking forward to finishing the nursery and sharing it with you soon!

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