Friday, June 27, 2014

Baby Shower: Birds of a Feather Flock TWOgether

I am lucky enough to not only have a loving, incredibly generous MIL, but also one who is SUPER crafty and loves to throw a good party.  Since she has been waiting for these babies for many years, I would hope it would be no surprise that she would want to throw me a baby shower.  Since I am originally from the Bay Area, it was perfect that the baby shower would be held up north to include all my family and friends that I left behind when moving.   I picked a date, gave her the guest list and let my imagination run wild with all the amazing things I am sure she would have to entertain the eyes (her showers are always show stoppers, I mean hello, my bridal shower included ALL my vintage china for goodness sake!)

Upon walking in to her home, as is customary, the guest looked for their names amongst her handmade tags.  Please do not think for ONE second that any of this is store bought, she buys the supplies and does IT ALL!

As soon as you cross the threshold into the house, it is almost too stimulating. So much to see, so many details to really makes you appreciate the couple of hours you have there just so you can try not to miss anything.

The tables were done up with ribbon runners, which I thought was genius! I mean what a great way to add a little pizazz to a plain white table cloth and not break the bank.  I, being a burlap lover, was really into the ribbon, so sure enough, she wrapped it up for me at the end of the shower to take home..I mean she is really the best!  Each place setting was complete with scrabble name tiles, just so you knew where to sit.  Loving myself scrabble and letters of all sorts, I loved this touch.  The center of the tables had beautiful golden trees filled with glittered birds living in glass ornaments, all of which guests got to take at the end of the afternoon.


Knowing that no party of mine could be complete without hydrangeas, they were proudly on display throughout the house.

Each guest had a personalized mason jar cup, with flower cut out lid with wooden letter crafted to perfection amongst different shapes.  They were a wonderful match for the lemonade, sangria and flavored water that guests enjoyed while chatting. 

Above the fire place, sat a burlap runner complete with little storks that you really had to look twice to catch, I love that my MIL is all about the details...just like me!

Making sure to uphold my love of vintage windows, one was hung above the drink table that was personalized just for the boys (thanks cousin J!)

Vintage blocks also made an appearance, and were made just for the nursery, LOVE these and love whipping them up for my friends as well...great minds!

Not only did we enjoy a lovely lunch but guests made sure not to leave without their "stuff": vintage baby cards, their personalized mason jars, HErsHEy's bars, wrapped gifts and more crafts than the guests could carry.  As usual she had outdone herself.

Don't forget some salt water taffy from the boys new name bowls.  Looking forward to using these each year on their birthdays!

A HUGE, LOUD, LOVE FILLED thank you to my amazing MIL.  I truly appreciate all you do for me, your grandsons and your son whom I love to the moon and back.  We are so grateful to have you in our lives and cannot wait for you to meet your new "Littles" very soon!

Don't think that's it guys....I had another baby shower for all my So Cal family and friends, so look forward to seeing the delights from my "Little Golden Book" themed afternoon too!

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