Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Save the Toy Chest!


As a little girl, this toy chest/bench was always in my room.  My father made it for me and even painted my nick name on it.  It housed my toys, dress up clothes and treasures.  It was also perfect to sit on while planning my next only-child adventure.  Since it had remarkably survived since the early 80's, I knew I wanted to keep it for my children.  Therefore, when planning our nursery I made sure to save a special place for it to shine...but not before getting cleaned up of course.  It needed a serious makeover in order to be saved.  I went straight to my buddies at Progressive Amenities Inc and hoped the would revamp this chest just as they the boy's wardrobe.


I had my TH load it up in the truck and take it over to have the guys assess if it was a project they wanted to take on.  Thankfully, I wasn't too fancy and just wanted it sanded down and painted plain white. I planned to have all my future babies use it so I wanted it SUPER basic.  The guys were happy to add another painted piece to our nursery and for the low price of $75.  We looked forward to picking it up in two weeks.  Oh yeah!

When I finally saw the finished product, I was thrilled!  It was just what I wanted; simple, plain and ready for toys!  I have a strict rule about toys; if it doesn't fit in the toy box it is time to clean it out decide what is to be donated.  Many have had a hard time understanding why I would limit my children to only a few toys.  However, I see no reason why they need to have loads of stuff to which they are over stimulated and therefore don't appreciate each toy for the true value it holds.  Furthermore, why aren't we playing outside? Running, riding bikes, building forts, climbing trees and using our imaginations just as I did growing up.  Well, that is why I say ONE toy box!

I had been collecting toys for some years now to get the boys started and was pleased to see that I after all my hoarding there was still room to add a few more (it was inevitable that they would acquire more at my showers...)

I had a large wooden box that I found at the Long Beach Antique Market for the low price of $12 that not only had vintage letter blocks, but loads of wooden blocks for building!

With the big block box, I also had a few "baby-ish" things to get them started, an eco-friendly (made with all recycled materials) fire truck, vintage Fisher Price "shapes toy" and even a flea market found "Pound it".  I'd say these boys of mine were off to a GREAT start on the toy front!

I excitedly opened the saved toy chest and placed the everything neatly inside, making sure to take notice of the extra room left to fill.  I was so happy, it was a perfect fit for our nursery!

Everything was just as wonderful as I imagined, I even was able to throw in their huge fire truck book that wouldn't fit on the bookshelf due to it's massive size.  One more major project to check off my Before-Babies to do list, hooray!

Do you have any childhood furniture you plan to salvage and reuse for your children?

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