Monday, May 19, 2014

Make Your Monday - May 19th

Em had a thriving weekend, visiting her girls Ash and Lex for a day in Venice on Saturday before hitting the streets of Laguna Beach in search of a little cottage for her full service assistant coming to So Cal in ONE WEEK!  Aside from trolling around the nearby beach city, Em spent the rest of Sunday whipping up recipes and doing more work in the nursery with her TH. Nic celebrated a belated Mother's Day with her TH since he was gone last weekend, but it doubled as a celebration for her recent promotion at work! 

Where there is a will, there is a way.  If there is a desire, you can make it so.  Even when I was as low as ever and felt I would never be able to get off the floor when month after month I wasn't getting pregnant, I had to refocus.  I had to find happiness in what I did have and know that all my dreams would come true in some way shape or form.  Visualize what you want, trust that it will come true and find joy each day.  Life is too short to be filled with negativity and always seeing the glass half empty...things could always be worse just as you can always make things better.  And just look, all that hope and positive visualization paid off...TWINS!

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