Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A LOVEly Celebration

Despite my Aunt G having a small, intimate wedding ceremony in February, we were lucky enough enjoy a big ole' family reception for her and her bride this past weekend.  As usual my grandparents opened their home while my Magical Aunt B took over the show allowing friends and family to come from all over the country to celebrate two amazing women.

Looking back, I don't even remember a time when there was an Aunt G without an Aunt S.  To me they always came as this amazing powerhouse couple that while I didn't see often, I always got giddy with joy knowing they would be at a family reunion or special family weekend.  They are both incredibly kind, hilarious and just an all around good time.  Needless to say, when word spread that we were going to get together to celebrate their long overdue legal union, I was one of the first to book a flight.
The weekend was wonderful and had one theme that carried over to each event; love.  This strong emotion knows no color, size, gender or race and has no boundaries.  It doesn't hurt, discriminate or belittle.  Love encompasses those it touches and brings people together.  Who are we to judge others or tell them that their love is not as valid as ours because it is different? Frankly, I just don't agree. I couldn't be more happy for my Aunts as they enter the next 18 years of their union as wife and wife. 

So, raise your glasses you open minded, love-loving community of thriving readers, and let's say "Cheers" to the beautiful brides!  May their lives be filled with love, health and happiness.

And to all the other loving couples that have also decided to join together as married couples, congratulations to you as well!  We are saddened it took so long but thankful it finally came to be!

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