Friday, April 11, 2014

Too Many Cloth Napkins

I love my cloth napkin collection and use them daily.  I try to stay away from paper towels and stick with linens in an effort to reduce waste and reuse what we already have. For the past year, I have been able to stash them all away in this $5 Goodwill find bread box, but lately, it was starting to overflow.  You know what that means, time to reorganize!  I was already on my Spring Cleaning kick, what was one more five minute project?

So as usual for me, I dumped everything out and started to refold and get things in order to see what I actually had in there.

I sorted through the different fabrics and made piles of what was to go back and what had never been used and therefore needed to leave.

Once sorted, I neatly stacked and gently placed my napkins back in their home.  With my vintage napkin rings nestled cozily between the two stacks, all my party in a pinch napkins were ready to go!  Even better, I was able to add my "everyday" napkins in there too; I love nothing more than having everything in ONE place!

My frugal fab find was reloaded and I had conquered another small organizing task along my Spring Cleaning way.  It felt GREAT!

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