Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Cleaning - Make Room

With the garage cleaned out, it was time to take it inside.  That meant ripping apart every shelf, drawer, closet and storage bin to ensure that everything was being utilized.  If not, it was TIME TO GO, GO GO!  As usual, I found lots of things that I a) hadn't used in at least a year or b) had no idea what it was...Needless to say, my Goodwill pile got rather large, rather quickly.

I decided to start with the guest room/office since it also doubled as a storage room.  I had bins under the bed and the closet filled with all sorts of stuff.  First, I had to take it alllllll out and go through it.  I like a clean workspace and therefore need to go through it all out before I put it back in. 

This was only the closet! The storage bins lined the floors!
An emptied out closet was now ready to be repacked with neat and organized items.
With all the stuff out for me to go through, it was time to get like items together.  Starting with the FIVE (yes, five) different jars/bowls of buttons.  It was high time that they all go in one place, so this large glass container kicked out one ribbon stash and welcomed the buttons.

With my stamps and ink pads also starting to spread amongst different glass bowls, it was time to move them all into another ex-ribbon containing crate.  I had bigger ideas for my extensive ribbon collection, so out they went and in went the stamps.


With things starting to come together, I tackled the ribbon hoarding problem of mine (thanks to my generous MIL!).  I decided it was high time to get it in one place and sorted by color.  So, I dumped it in a bin (and on the floor) and started color coordinate.

With the guest room dresser unloaded (extra sheets and pillowcases refolded as well as got rid of some extra junk) I now had four out of six drawers open for business. I decided the bottom drawer would now be dedicated to ribbon.

Ahhhhhh, finally, some order!

I was creating extra storage left and right and was just thrilled!  The piles surrounding me were starting to go down and the pile of, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE" was getting bigger...I was feeling pretty good!

Now that the closet was cleared out, in went the buttons, knobs, stamps and file cabinet as well.  I had room to SPARE in there now!

Since breaking down my Thriving Mommy's generous loan of "command central" (plasma TV hooked up to my laptop as a monitor with wireless mouse and keyboard) I wanted to create a clean and open workspace to not only for computer work, but also any craft projects I may want to tackle.  My old Amish table was already worn and weary yet sturdy and strong.  So perfect for anything this Thriving Wife needed to get done!  I used a fold up TV tray as an end table and a vintage tray to add two levels for my office supplies (pens, budget box, return addresses, business cards and post its). Above my tray sat my lovely bird cage document "clipper" so I could keep upcoming bills and important reminders at eye level.  A plush pillow added back support to my garage sale chair.  

With the dresser cleaned out, the closet reorganized, the storage bins torn apart, refolded and put away, I was on the home stretch.  Before changing the bedding, sweeping and mopping to finish up the room, I cleaned the window blinds.  As the final clouds of dust fell upon the floor, I put on the finishing touches and stood back to admire my work.

The guestroom was done done! I had created gaggles of new space, left not one item unexamined and everything  was clean...I took in a large sigh and prepared to move on to the next major project...the nursery.  Of course there would be small stops along the way.  I don't turn away from any cleaning project!!

So, maybe instead of continuing to pass your over flowing cabinet for the hundredth time due to fear, it is time to take a breath, rip everything out, go through it all and put back only what you need, want and use regularly.  Take it on, don't be frightened or overwhelmed, JUST DO IT!  It is time for Spring Cleaning after all.

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