Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Salvaged Piano Bench

During one of our trips to the Randomly Glorious Furniture Warehouse, Em and I were exiting the building when we spotted a tattered but lovely little piano bench. I began inspecting it closely and discovered a large crack in the back, as well as a broken "spring" for the lid, but it had SUCH potential so I kept looking it over. By this stage in our relationship, Em has a psychic ability to know when I really want something but won't speak up - and she is only too happy to step in. She began asking a nearby gentleman about the bench, who ended up saying we could have it for FREE! We didn't feel quite right about just taking it, so we donated $10 to their cause and threw that bad boy in my car.

Hi Sandy!
I had plans to change out that old dirty fabric (which had also been covered by some lovely yellowed plastic) and put the bench at the end of my bed. I was still pregnant when that bench came home with me, so it sat in our garage for quite a few months, until BK was a little older and I could muster some time and motivation for the project.

My Mama helped me pick out some lovely fabric that would go with my bedroom, and the next step was to start removing all the old fabric.

Definitely needs some new fabric!
We tried to repair the large crack, but since it was in the back we didn't worry too much about it.
After unscrewing the top portion, I started removing all the staples that held the old fabric on.

Once all the staples came out, I left the batting on and simply stapled the new fabric on top! Then I screwed the top back on, and we were good to go. So easy!

Ready for placement.
I love the sophistication and pop of color it adds to my bedroom! This is also my first real "trash to treasure" project - do you have any good ones you'd like to share?

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