Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pretty Pillowcases

With Spring in full bloom, it was time for me to reassess my pretty pillowcase collection and start bringing some floral patterns to different rooms of the house. With my vintage collection refolded and organized during my Spring Cleaning spree, I was excited to start swapping out solids for pretty patterns.

First I took to the bedrooms to spread Spring and made sure I used big blooms and dainty prints in each room. 

I had already attacked the living room when setting the room to start so I was pleased with the mix of patterns and flowers, especially since I didn't want my TH to notice that he totally lived in a "girl house". That Spring feeling was starting to take over as the sunshine poured through the windows and a sweet breeze blew through the house.  I was loving it!

Keep in mind all these floral patterns were either found at my great-grandmother's house, flea markets and garage sales, or the Etsy steal courtesy of my MIL.  So, if you are interested in bulking up your pillowcase collection on the cheap, then get out to the sale circuit (market, garage, consignment) and snatch up everything you see.  Sometimes you can even get them for as low as a quarter!  One good washing and you are ready to introduce a new vibe into any room. 

Are you ready to mix up your solids with some pretty pillowcases?

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