Monday, April 7, 2014

Make Your Mondays - April 7th

Em kicked off Spring Break with a night out on Saturday to see The Dan Band with Nic and both TH's.  Sunday was filled lots of reorganizing and prepping as Em gets ready to take on her house this week and clean out every drawer, shelf and closet! Saturday Nic's TH and FIL tore up part of the cement in her yard to make room for a real lawn, before heading to the concert. Nic slept in Sunday after her night out (a rare treat thanks to her TH) and then went on a long walk/picnic with her little fam since it was such a nice day!

Who likes lemonade? I know I do!  So, let's take those life lemons that are being thrown at us each day, grab them and add some sugar.  Make the best of what life throws you and strive to find the good.  Things could always be worse, but way focus on that?  Let's put all our energy towards making the best of bad situations and and allowing our future to get better with each thought.

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