Monday, April 28, 2014

Make Your Monday - April 28th

Em had a lovely weekend with her TH stocking up on cloth diaper covers (found on Craig's List), running errands and her favorite...snuggling on the couch.  Sunday she embarked on her favorite five mile beach walk with her girl C, helped Nic start dabbling in juicing and prepared for another beautiful week ahead. Nic had a wonderful visit from some of her NorCal fam - her Papa, sisters, and two nieces! They spent time playing with BK, went to the beach, and had a celebratory birthday dinner for her Papa. 

Where are YOU right now?  What are some things you enjoy/appreciate about where you are now?  Try to focus only on what you have and find happiness in where you are now and where you want to go.  Who cares what others are doing or what others have, remain true to yourself and the goals you set for yourself.  It is difficult to not notice what others have and not compare where you are to them, but if you take a step back and realign your energy with all the goodness in your life, you will often be surprised at how great you have it!

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