Friday, April 25, 2014

DIY Bachelorette Veil

I have had plenty of bachelorette veil making experience, but lately, my go to DIY accessory for all my bestie brides is a glitter headband gone veil tail.  I mean is there anything more perfect than a sassy back poof made all all the more glorious by hit of glitter?! I think not.  Needless to say, when my pink lovin' girl Kell needed a veil for her upcoming Vegas batch, I ran right out to get my supplies and start crafting.

I grabbed a silver headband (I had an assortment of silver and gold all donated from my MIL), as well as a roll of white and pink tulle, glue gun, scissors and pink ribbon.

While the glue gun heated up, I took a long piece of white tulle, folded in each corner and secured by folding the top of the fabric down. 

With this rectangular shaped fold in hand, add some glue and press it down into the headband.  Start in the center and then work your way around...try not to burn yourself too badly.

Once you have the center secured, add two more pieces on either side careful not to go lower than where your ears are (that can only be determined by trying it on a few times of course!)

Once all the pieces have been glued on and secured, give it a fluff and check out your progress.  If you are using only one color of tulle, then add a second layer slightly behind the first (going towards the back of your head) to poof it up a bit.  If adding in a second color, switch out your tulle and repeat the same process.

I swapped out the white for pink and added a second layer and pop of color.

Once the second layer of tulle has been secured, take a look at the headband and snip any small pieces of tulle that may be sticking out.

Once all the tulle is tight and neatly clipped, it is time to clean it up a bit with a small piece of ribbon to hide all the tulle gluing.  Start by measuring  more ribbon than you need and start covering the tulle by gluing the ribbon to the bottom of the headband and pulling tightly.

Work your way around the bottom of the headband until all the tulle is covered.

Try on the headband again for good measure and to determine the length of veil you desire.  I always tend to go a bit longer than needed and that way when the bride has it on you can always cut a bit more.

When my girl Ash came to visit and saw my latest production she has pretty impressed.  I had her throw it on so I could snap a a pic of the final product,  I was LOVING the two tone tulle.  Why hadn't I done that in the past?! 

Rock that thang like it is going out of style this weekend Kell, it is a Thriving Wives origiinal!

What bachelorette items are must haves for your best brides?

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