Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wish it Were Wardrobe


For the longest time this wardrobe was in my grandparents garage.  It rested right next to my Geena's driver side door and was filled with treasures from my childhood.  My Thriving Mommy had done an excellent job saving my most fashionable items from the 80's.  From jogging suits to rompers to now super vintage baby T's, heck she even saved my plastic cloth diaper covers!  And ooooohhhh do I love her for it.  Don't think for a second my twins won't be rocking 1984's finest fashions.

I always looked at this old wardrobe and promised I would one day take it to my "real home" and make it perfect for my future nursery.  It had been in my Magical Aunt B and TM's room growing up, so I knew I had to keep this 60's treasure in the family.

When the time came for me to haul it to OC, we all made our way to the garage to go through the bags of old clothes.  Most had done surprisingly well considering this thing had turned into a cobweb/spider haven...gross. We cleaned it out as best we could, repacked the salvageable clothes and my Poppa loaded it into the truck (he is always thrilled to unload "crap" out of his garages).  As my TH drove the 6 hours from the Bay to So Cal, I was thinking of all the great things I could do to restore this old ditty.  Sanding was a must, so I would have to get a tool.  Then, I would need to decide if I wanted to paint it or just stain it. So many options!

My most favorite thing about the wardrobe was the hand painted door and drawers, I knew I wouldn't be touching those.  I just wanted to make the outside a little easier on the eyes...the inside actually didn't look too bad.


When we finally got home I made a plan to get started on it the next day.  It was far too big to just store in my garage, so it was time to get it done!  I borrowed a sander, pulled out the bottom drawer and decided to start there.  One hour felt like one day as I made little to no progress.  There was at least 17 coats of paint on this thing! Not to mention, it was so darn old that as I sanded it the paint started to turn to goo.  It was awful!!!  After much debating, I felt there was nothing more I could do.  I declared it's time of death as 2:07 PM.  I decided to call my TM, MAB and Geena just to make sure that if I did in fact decide to part with this lovely wardrobe no one would be mad; they all supported my decision.  So, I sadly took out the painted drawers, asked my TH to take off the hand painted door (I decided I would use those for something in the nursery, more as a memorial) and take it to the dumpster. 

After a few months and getting over the sadness at my uncraftiness, I had an unannounced knock at my door.  My Magical Aunt B handed me what appeared to be the top of the wardrobe.  It was painted the most gorgeous gem-like teal and I was rather confused as to what she was doing.  Did she too save a piece of the wardrobe to remember?

I was so excited and thanked her for the gesture that immediately started racking my brain for where I could put it in the nursery.  Before I could hug her and run down the hall she asked me to go with her to her car.  Ok......but why?

Low and behold that sneaky, dumpster diving MAB had dragged the wardrobe out of the trash.  She had asked my TH to take the missing pieces out of the nursery and give them to her, she was going to bring in some professionals to restore this wardrobe for my nursery dreams.  She even had gotten the paint swatch we used when we had the babies' room painted and got the wardrobe painted just two shades darker.  Not too matchy matchy, but very complimentary.  I DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Complete and utter shock...

The wardrobe looked AMAZING!  I was in love!  Not even pregnant at the time, I grabbed some plain knobs from my collection to add some pop.  Then I took the original handles from the bottom drawer and had my TH put them back on as well as new copper hinges for the doors. It just kept getting better!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, it got real between me and that wardrobe.  I dug out my collection of vintage hangers and hung those up in a hurry.  I took the receiving blankets and sheets from my childhood washed them and got them all stored away in their new home.

Are you just dying to see how big the twins get on this special door?!

As we acquire more things for the babies' room I will fill this wardrobe to capacity.  A HUGE thank you to my Magical Aunt B for her wonderful surprise and making all my vintage nursery dreams come true!!!  To think, if you wish hard enough for something to just might come true!

Do you have any childhood furniture you just can't part with?  Did you have it restored or take on the project yourself?

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