Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Take Me Out to the Bachelorette Party

We tried our best to take this darn picture off the wall, but alas, it was REALLY bolted in!
When my dear friend "Leah Maria" got engaged, it was finally time to put all of our bachelorette planning into GO mode!  For years, we had worked together on throwing great batch parties and now it was finally her turn.  Since she is a huge SF Giants fanatic, it made perfect sense that her closest girls would travel to Scottsdale, AZ for Spring Training.

With her MOH/ twin sister Beks at the ready, I pulled myself out of my short term retirement and got serious about crafting and assisting in any way possible to make Maria's weekend as amazing as she had made mine and countless others.

First up, we locked down the theme, "Batter Up, Party Down.... Leah's Line Up".  I am a sucker for a good alliteration and knew I wanted to use anything remotely baseball themed for her big weekend away. Once we felt confident with our choice, we ordered tanks to wear on game day.

1386371092 Misses Alternative Apparel Meegs Eco Jersey Racerback Tank Top

1386371092 Misses Alternative Apparel Meegs Eco Jersey Racerback Tank Top

With the big purchase made, tickets ordered, it was time to start crafting.  I went to my storage bin of orange/black/grey things I had been collecting from my MIL over the last 18 months in preparation for this moment and got to work. My TH helped me craft a perfect banner to display above the food table, bar and goodie bags.  I painted each perfectly cut triangle in SF orange and then alternated orange and black construction paper on the back of each side. My TH punched holes in the top as I wove "foofy" black ribbon (courtesy of my MIL) through each one.  They turned out PERFECT!!!

Again with these darn wall hangings!!  While I wasn't pleased with having to draw attention to them, Beks and I just couldn't rip them out of the wall....but we did try.

Beks and I had gathered items for the gift bag/SF backpacks and when we arrived in Scottsdale to decorate, we finished stuffing those suckers right up. I had spent the last few weeks personalizing everything so all we had to do was unpack our many suitcases and put it all together.  In went our tanks, a Spring Training Giants T as well as baseball cap, personalized (BPA free) mason jars for drinks on the go (complemented with orange straws), cooler bags and wrap in mats for game day lunches (complete with each guests' name written in orange), a CD of jams from the weekend, an orange flower pin to wear on our big night out (white for the bride of course),  and Giants fans to keep us cool during the game.  We were ready to represent the Bay with some serious pride!  Each girl received a card explaining each item, in perfect rhyming fashion of course... always a special touch of mine.

The bride got her very own ORANGE mason with grey straw, I mean it was her time to stand out!  I even made her a beer coozie too.

With the banners hung and the bags laid out, we set up our food table (Batter Up) as well as vodka bar (Party Down).  We stocked the food table with game worthy snacks (pub mix, shelled peanuts, jerky) and even some baseball themed sweets...Giants colored cupcakes!

We loaded the bar with all the fixins' to make the bride's favorite cocktail, a peach vodka spritzer.  With extra bottles of champagne on hand Beks adorned each champ glass with orange crystals and I added more grey and orange straws to use throughout the weekend.  With a little sprinkle of diamonds across the bar we were ready to Party Down!

Before the girls arrived, Beks set out the Beauty Bar to the girls would have lots of goodies to get ready for the weekend's events.  We were ready to get the party started and couldn't wait for our bride to walk into her "dugout" and have the best weekend of her life! 

Maria was thrilled to see her Giants dreams become a reality and rocked her veil with some serious sass that weekend.  She looked phenom and we all had an absolutely amazing weekend!

Congrats again my sweet Maria, I hope you had a truly magical weekend because you deserve nothing less.  I just can't wait for your big day!  Huge thanks to the MOH of the year, Beks for letting me be a part of such a magical weekend!  Now...back to retirement for this momma...

What is the best bachelorette party you've been to?  What was the best part?

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  1. Love the shirts! Where did you get them or what site did you make them through.

    1. Corbin,

      So sorry for the late response! So glad you liked he shirts, I must say I enjoyed mine so much, I still wear it at the gym! I aways use customizedgirl.com they have great quality shirts and often have coupon codes. Thanks for stopping by!

      Strive to thrive,


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