Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning Phase 1 - Outside In


Despite the fact that I honor this so-called "Spring Cleaning" all year round, I still love my quarterly clean out of every closet/drawer/inch of my house.  With two babies on the way and a nursery already filled up to the brim, this Spring Cleaning Extravaganza couldn't come soon enough!

With my Spring Break just a week away, I wanted to start preparing for what was sure to be a wonderful week of reorganization.  I am simply tickled at chores like these and honestly cannot wait to get my Doo Wop playing, lemonade on ice and start my cleaning!!  So, in an effort to get ahead of the game (something I also love to do), I had to get started. Where to start you ask?  Well, that is must start from the outside and work your way in.

I always like to start in the garage (or in your storage area if you have one).  So often I keep things much longer than I actually need them and I want to know what is out there, what I need handy and what can go in the attic.  Last weekend my TH and I were up early and I coaxed him into helping his poor pregnant wife (wicked smile here as I used that little trick to my advantage).  Normally, he knows that when I am in my "zone" it is better for him to steer clear.  But, being the protective Daddy that he is, he has started to refuse to let me do anything alone knowing I push to get it done.

Granted you can see how I sort of added to this side with my wood projects, but look at all that CRAP!
This is only my second shelf too...junk, junk, JUNK!!! I don't even have room for the new car seats!
Since we moved into our home in June of last year, we naturally divide the garage into his/hers.  I promised that eventually he could have the garage for his space to "man" out as he has little to no (ok, let's just stick with the no on this one) say on what goes on inside our home.  Let me say, I am so grateful for that, because I am not sure I could handle him telling me I wasn't allowed to get one more vintage piece of furniture!

But alas, as the time has passed, I haven't done much to relinquish my "hers" area and allow him to spread to my side of the garage...I mean, what would I do without three storage bins of mason jars at the ready?!  I realized, it was time to really assess what was going on and make some more room not only for him but for unused items that currently lived in the house. Plus, we have a TON of attic room that needed to be utilized.  And so it began.....

 First, I take EVERYTHING, I repeat, EVERYTHING apart and go through it.  Not one bin goes unturned, not one box goes passed over.  It must be done people, yes it is time consuming but you often find so many treasures that are long forgotten it is actually quite fun!

Once things have been picked apart, you make your piles.  For me, it was simple: goes inside (stuff that got lost out there), goes up (in the attic) or gets condensed and stays here.  I was trying to move from two storage racks to one...I knew I could do it if I really tried!

Find smaller bins and make sure to label!
Once I had my piles, I labeled each bin and either put it back or had my TH take it up to the attic and make sure it was accessible.  I was willing to move some party supplies, but not willing to have them trapped up there. Once my bins were re-organized, re-labeled and re-put away I was amazed at how much room we opened up!  My TH not only could spread out a bit, but we had plenty of space for whatever needed to get out of the house.

Shelf two now could start housing my TH's stuff, security cameras he needs to install, paintball supplies...
With the garage done, I will wait on pins and needles until April 6th when I kick off my full week of SPRING CLEANING!!  This to me is almost better than Christmas!  Stay tuned for the next installment when we take this party inside and I give you the must haves for a home re-org overhaul.

Still a few odd and ends, but overall, not bad for a couple hours of work...I'm now down to one set of shelves!
Not exactly how I would want it, but as my TH reminds me...."This is not for you to concern yourself with, it's my area"
Do you like to organize your home?  Going to set aside some time to Spring Clean?

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