Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mod Podge Madness - Shelf-y Situation

I had this boring shelf in my kitchen that was simply horrible to look out.  My girl Shell did her best to outfit it in burlap at first, but it just didn't last.  So, I tried papering it, painting it and nothing ever stuck.  That is of course, until my latest obsession... Mod Podge.  Now I pretty much will "modge" anything I can get my hands on.  That includes my disgusting (yet practical) shelf.

I decided it was high time to drag that thing outside and get to work.  First I had to take off the existing paper that was covering the shelf.  Then, using  the same pattern of paper (my latest favorite) from Paper Source  I got to measuring and cutting.  Once I had my paper prepared it was time to paint on the first layer of Mod Podge and quickly smooth on my paper making sure to get the edges and corners nice and tight.  As it glued itself on, I started back at one side and applied the second layer of gorgeous gunk to lock that paper in place.

I let it sit out in the sun to dry before flipping it over and getting the bottom side done.  Using the same approach I made sure all my edges and corners overlapped so there would be no lifting.  Granted, there were a few bubbles here and there, but I liked that it looked sort of "aged" that way.

Nearly as soon as I had started, I was done.  A little more drying time and I made the great hand off to my TH and his drill as he put it right back in the kitchen where it came from.  Back on went his "man basket" where he stores all his "man crap" as well as my topless vintage tin which serves as his change jar.  Finally, that shelf no longer drove me crazy but made me smile as it boasted my favorite pops of color as well and was sure not to rip or lift.

Next up, an old coffee can and DIY recipe box.  Oh how I do love Mod Podge!

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