Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Listen to Your Body

I have always been one who tries to "listen to my body", but sometimes I am just too busy.  Because we are always on the go these days, on to the next place or meeting with the next person, we often forget to give our bodies what they need.  Whether this means forgetting to eat a snack and ending up starving or not drinking enough water and ending up with a headache, I often stop and ask myself, "What am I doing to myself?"  Is all that rushing really worth it? I personally don't think so, but I for some reason when I am not at work and stuck to my schedule, I simply get caught up.


Well, no more.  Despite my best efforts to take care of myself prior to being pregnant, it is no longer an option to rush through my day and neglect to give my darling boys what they need.  Growing two humans is no easy task and it is one I take quite seriously, so I made a commitment to slow down and really listen.  If I don't eat often enough, I start to dry heave as if I could vomit any second. Granted nothing comes out, but I can hear the twins giggling in my belly and saying, "Well mommy, that is what you get, we are starving in here!!"  After that happening a handful of times, I got the overall message loud and clear, SLOW DOWN and LISTEN!

What's that you say body?  You are starting to feel hungry?  I stop whatever I am doing and grab a snack.  Mouth starting to feel dry?  Then you've already gone too long without water.  Don't ignore yourself because you are busy.  We are made to do magical things, so get in tune with yourself and take your advice!


So let's make the effort this week to slow down our pace, keep snacks and water on hand, get a good night's rest and tune in to what is going on inside.  Who knows, we may feel better than ever and I know that is something I am definitely willing to try!  What about you?

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