Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Junk" Warehouse

Just when I thought my Magical Aunt B had shown me all the glorious random goodness in Orange County, I realized she was just getting started. Alas, there was another warehouse of waste for me to scour through.  Progressive Amenities Inc. offers valet trash pick up, E-waste services and debris removal.  Why does this interest this Thriving Wife you ask?  Well, because any "junk" they haul away that has potential to be salvaged, sassed up and sold is done at their warehouse in Lake Forest. Oh yeah.

My Magical Aunt B had stumbled upon this place and had them save a vintage wardrobe from her childhood.  After years of it sitting in my grandparents garage, I had decided I wanted to bring it to OC and use it in my future nursery.  However, after my failed attempt to sand and repaint the darn thing I had my TH toss it in the dumpster.  That sneaky Aunt B of mine, pulled it out and whisked it away to Pro-Am, where they sanded and repainted it just for me.  Just wait until you see it...later.

When we walked in, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  First you walk through a tiny room, then what seems to be a vintage kitchen set up (which I think is used as the staff's break room), on to a cluttered reception area and then into the big open warehouse.  Odd, yet all the while, very intriguing.  I was surprised not only by the extensive amount of goods but the so low prices.  Heck, I was ready to fill up my TH's truck just for fun!  Here are just a few of the items that caught my eye...

Love this hutch of sorts, the color is even a close match to my new wardrobe!

Wood outdoor table with a killer color combination? DONE

How about this red little ditty with grey legs..? Super sweet.

I would LOVE to use this vintage ironing board as a makeshift bar, so perfect for a party!

This little yellow dresser needed a little TLC, but I thought that canary color was quite attractive

Love a cheap pop of color chair, even more so if I didn't have to paint it!
These shelves were just begging to be stained, so easy to do yet sturdy too!
As usual, my main issue was that I have no room to buy anything new.  BOO!  Oh well, I am in the works of having the talented gentlemen working there take my childhood toy box (made by my father) and sanding and painting for the twins nursery.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out and check out this random stop if you are ready to treasure hunt!

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