Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Becoming a HypnoBirthing Practitioner

In BK's birth story, you may recall I briefly mentioned using HypnoBirthing as my technique for relaxing through my labor. Well, ever since his birth I became passionate (or maybe even obsessed) with pregnancy and birthing, and knew I had to get involved somehow. While I would really love to become a doula myself, working a 9-5 full time job doesn't really lend itself to having the freedom to attend births whenever they occur. So, my next step was to become a childbirth educator - and since I had found HypnoBirthing so helpful (and effective!) I knew that was the right path for me.

With the support of my fabulous doula, Marilee, as well as TH, I researched the steps to become a certified HB practitioner. There happened to be a 4 day workshop coming up and I signed up just in time - this was it, I was committed now! I was nervous to attend because I knew there would be a lot of doulas and other birthing professionals, and I was "just" a first time mom. At the same time I was really excited to "geek out" with all these women and just talk birthing for four days straight (let's just say it's not TH's favorite topic to discuss hours on end)!

The building where Bini Birth is located - so cool!
I arrived early to the first day of the workshop, which was held at Bini Birth in Sherman Oaks. Immediately I became excited because this location is more wonderful than I could ever describe, so if you are ever in the area I highly suggest checking it out! Nerves then began to set in as I said a few hellos and ran to my spot in the back so I could claim a more private area as I needed to pump throughout each day. Luckily, I couldn't have been in a more supportive group of women, so my shyness over pumping in public waned quickly.

The first two days we learned all about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, talking about the philosophies behind it as well as practicing scripts on each other. It was quite relaxing I must say! I ate lunch with different women each day and it was great to hear all of their varying backgrounds, get birth stories, and ask all my newbie questions. I am probably one of the few people on this planet who loves talking about placentas while eating a burrito.
The second two days was our actual practitioner workshop, and to my happy surprise Marilee wanted a refresher (she is already a certified HB practitioner) so we carpooled together! I loved having her be part of this journey with me, and really cherished all that extra time we got to spend together. It was a LOT of information to cram in my head in just 4 days, but I soaked up every bit of it. As the workshop ended I was sad to leave my new little group, but was happy to have made acquaintances with such incredible women - including the instructor, Ellie Shea, who is kind of a local birthing celebrity!

Now my job is to finish the paperwork/exams in order to officially become certified. Luckily, we are allowed to teach 3 couples prior to certification, and I knew JUST the couple to get signed up - Em and her TH of course! I am dedicated to meeting those beautiful babies in the most calm and gentle way possible, because I know that's what they want too.

Now for my HypnoBirthing sales pitch...

There is absolutely no physiological reason for pain to be present during the labor of a healthy mom and healthy babies. I repeat, NO PHYSICAL REASON. All of that "drama" is created out of something HB works to remove - fear. Childbirth has a long history of being scary but that's a problem with the medical community, not women's bodies. Our bodies were designed to grow and birth healthy babies... anything outside of that sphere is unlikely. Of course, if a mom falls into that "high risk" category, HB still works wonders to keep everyone calm and stress free, resulting in more positive outcomes regardless of the type of birth. Bringing a child into this world is one of the most empowering and joyful experiences any person can be a part of, and we need to respect that by allowing nature to take it's course. HB teaches women to basically "get out of the way" and let their bodies and babies work together to allow baby to be born calmly, and gently. I can personally attest to this method allowing me to labor without fear or true pain.

Once I'm certified I will get my website up and running, and start regular classes. If you have ANY questions about pregnancy, childbirth, or HypnoBirthing please don't hesitate to contact us! I could literally talk about this ALL DAY.

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