Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mod Podge Madness - Wall Takeover


Having loved my paper wall since the moment it was done more than six months ago, it nearly broke my heart to see that the gorgeous paper was starting to lift a bit.  That double stick tape we used wasn't holding up the way I had hoped.  Something had to be done, and quick!

I called my crafty friend C to assist me in making this paper wall more like wall paper.  Knowing my girl Kell would be the perfect assistant to the task, I made sure she was available too.  After talking to C about what to do, she suggested Mod Podge.  I of course being not crafty at all had only heard of this product but never used it myself.  We made a plan, I got the supplies and of course...snacks!

I laid out the wine and apps while the girls took a look at what we were dealing with; lift city!  The paper was popping up all over the place, even worse I sometimes caught my shirt on it when I walked too was awful!


Not too sure of how to approach this thing and after much deliberation, we just went for it.  Note to readers, practice on a small area either at the top or bottom before going all in, it helps to know what you are dealing with...whoops.  Thankfully, C was a master problem solver and figured out why the paper wasn't sticking.  It was as if the tape on the opposite side was acting as a repellant.  We would need to take it all off and put it all back on.  We got started sloooooow and stteeaaddyy, making sure to not rip a single edge.  Next up, I held the paper in place while C used her artistic hand and painted on the mod podge, I was right there smoothing it out.

After much giggling, smoothing and painting, we sat back and waited for it to dry. C was quietly praying it would work, I was planning my next trip to Paper Source should I need new paper and Kelly was snapping pics left and right trying to document each laughable moment.

Thankfully, it did work.  The mod podge dried and left the wall looking just as it had when Shell and I first applied it in June.  Even better, this paper DEFINITELY wasn't lifting this time! It was glued down nice and tight!  Using the knowledge I gained that fateful night, I took to "modging" anything I could find.  Stay tuned to see my latest frugal yet fabulous creations!


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