Monday, February 10, 2014

Make Your Mondays - February 10th

Em had a weekend filled with Yoga, rest, lunches out, rest & even some family time/baby shopping with Nic! Nic got a lot of baby free time this weekend - brunch with her LA girls on Saturday and even got asked to be a bridesmaid for her friend April's wedding! That afternoon BK was shipped off for an overnight visit to the in-laws for some much needed parental rest. Feeling much better Sunday morning, Nic picked up BK, joined Em for shopping, had a visit from her bride-to-be for some wedding help (and a BK visit), fed BK his first veggies (carrots) and then re-upholstered an old piano bench that had been collecting dust. Whew! 

So many parts of life are rushed through and not enjoyed. I too have made this mistake numerous times over.  However, being forced to face fertility challenges, I constantly tried to see the big picture.  Each time I closed my eyes I could see my family complete and I knew it would happen...I just wanted to know when.  Now that we have had the miracle of being able to start our family with the help of medicine, I will not look back and be sad or angry.  I will look back on all the wonderful moments my TH and I had that made us stronger and even more prepared for our babies. We never gave up and allowed us to achieve all our dreams.

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