Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Garage Sale'n Goddess - Not all days are created equal

Not all garage sale days are created equal.  Despite great weather, there can sometimes be few garage sales or even worse, a bunch of duds.  When Kell, C and I hit up one of our garage sale spots last weekend we were pretty surprised to find that there wasn't much going  But, that didn't stop us from driving up and down streets sign-hunting like the best of them!

Some tips on garage sale signage:
  • Make them BRIGHT
  • Make them consistent  (if you are using bright orange poster board, use it for every sign)
  • Provide the dates. A lot of people will just leave them up dateless which then confuses the hunter
  • List any important facts (in alley, arrive from back, etc)
  • Use arrows to help the hunter find the location 
We stopped at one garage sale that looked promising, and while it had two items of interest...there were also a lot of cat picture frames which is always a deterrent for me.  Kell, my cat loving friend was not at all turned that about her!

I enjoyed this old clock as it reminded me of my great grandmother's...but I wasn't sold
This darling yellow can opener was also a huge Em please-er but then I remembered my limited counter space
 After following a few dead leads and participating in a few drive-bys, we were feeling rather discouraged.  We had been at this more than an hour and had yet to buy ONE THING between the three of us; it was madness! We finally followed the cute font and found ourselves a lovely little garage sale.  Thankfully we were able to spend some cash and take away some much needed frugal fab finds.

This sale had A TON, I repeat, A TON of old books, it was crazy!  So, we started scouring looking for anything we thought may need to come home with us.  I not only loved the older selections, but also these sweet notes with a little background info...also love that handwriting!
I snagged all the Little Golden Books I could get my hands on!  For only $1 that was a GREAT deal!!!

I always love the look of old books stacked in a corner, so I snagged these three for my entry way.

NEVER turn your back on cheap Pyrex.  This dainty bowl would be perfect for dips...DONE!

My girl C got a few items on her list while Kell snagged a white sparkly petticoat for her upcoming bachelorette party, not too bad considering we were fearing going home empty handed!  Just remember the next time you are sale'n, you may hit some duds, but just give yourself a time limit and never give up...there is usually always a hidden gem or two to be found.  Until next time...

Have you gotten any great garage sale snags lately? Please share with us!

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