Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Family Focus Wall

Growing up my Thriving Mommy always had a Family Focus Wall somewhere in our house. The wall featured pictures, sketches, childhood artwork and other things she felt were special proudly on display.  This special part of our home was located in the upstairs hallway and seemed to envelop you when you entered.  Being the copy cat that I am, I knew when I finally got my own Thriving Home, I too would want to recreate my own wall.  Lucky for me, I had just the hallway for it and the pro, my TM helped me tackle it as one of our first projects.  

The first step, decide on what you want your center picture/item to be.  I loved this picture of my TH and I in Hawaii and it made me feel like I could still feel the sand between my toes. 

Since I had always been collecting pictures old a new, I made a point to buy frames whenever they were on sale.  I never wanted them all to match since I liked that "messy" look, so it made collecting that much easier.  I loved the old pictures I had gathered from my TM as well as my grandparents and MIL.  I wanted to showcase not only the life my TH and I had created, but also our family members and their lives as well.

My MIL and her siblings, love these old black and whites!
My Thriving Mommy and I when I was a little "four eyed monster"
My great-grandpa getting honored at Pan Am
My TH and his older sister when he was just a little guy
Besides working the wall with old photos, trips, our wedding and honeymoon I also wanted to work in special documents.  I made sure to put up not only our marriage license, but also my great grandparents from the 1930's.

Great grandparents marriage license!
I also worked in a few of my favorite "P"s from my vast collection and the more things we added to the wall, the more I loved it.  It had no rhyme or reason; some were close, some were far, some went up, some went down, some frames matched and some were from the 50's.  It was a hot lovable mess.

The best thing about this wall is not only that it tells the story of our history, but that it has room to grow with our future.  I can let the pictures take over the surrounding walls as well as the other side of the hallway.  As our family keeps growing so will our Family Focus Wall.

Where do you display your family pictures? Do you have a wall or are they all over the house?

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