Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Date Night: Food Trucks

While some people fear the food from a truck, I embrace it with my heart, soul and stomach.  Especially when there is a lovely selection of food trucks to choose from.  This pretty much is a small plate lovin' girl's heaven!  I have never been into the huge entrees, I would rather have 5 apps because I like to try a lot of different things.  Insert the new huge trend of Roaming Hunger, and we have a recipe for one great date night!

Lucky for me, food trucks are not hard to find here in Orange County.  Even better, at the Orange County fairgrounds (just a short 15 minute drive down the freeway mind you) seven delightful trucks join together each Wednesday night to indulge the masses with their tasty treats.  Needless to say, this is a frequent date night for me and the TH.  While I do wish he was more of a share-er at least he allows me to get whatever I want...and usually that is at least one thing from each truck; I told you I liked to try a lot of things!

Granted, I have always been a fan of the forbidden "street food".  Heck, I even partook in my fair share of street meat on my frequent visits to NYC.  However, as my vegetarian self emerged, and my gyro eating days declined, that didn't mean that I turned away from a street pretzel, street nuts or street coffee...I mean NYC is the land of on the go eating!  You can imagine how thrilled I was to move to OC and find that the food truck revolution was in full swing.  Here are just a few of my latest food truck trials...

One of my favorites, The Burnt Truck.  Why you ask?  Well, it is cheap and features one of my favorite things, sliders.  I love getting two to three bites of bliss and moving on to the next.  I never miss this truck and ALWAYS get one veggie and one PB& die for!  Even better, the guys in the truck are super cool and they always rock good makes waiting in their line so much more fun.  Burnt Truck yeeaaahhhh!

While I hadn't had it before, I was excited to try Del Salsa.  I love Mexican food, so these cheesy, beef steak jalapeno nachos were screaming my name!  Even better I got to enjoy my favorite island chips while I waited!  My TH got some crazy top of the line meat quesadilla and was one happy camper.  Added bonus all the salsa selections from this truck are homemade and come in different heat levels, they even let you sample before deciding.  LOVE me a sample!

With the sliders, nachos and chips starting to cloud my judgement it was time to sweeten the deal.  Thankfully my girl Meg swooped the Slummin' Gourmet truck for some Sweet Pot Tots which I had had before, they always blow my mind!  There is some maple syrup drizzle which makes my mouth drizzle drool. Trust, there is nothing slum about this truck, it is all AMAZE!

As my stomach filled to maximum capacity and I was thanking the angels above for these elastic maternity jeans I stretched hoping desperately to make room for the big dessert event; Chunk -n -Chip.  A freshly made, ice cream/cookie sandwich combo of your choosing?! I mean could it get any better?! I think not.  Sadly, there was simply no room, those nachos were catching up to me and I was only getting fuller by the second.  Thankfully, Meg and her TH were all about taking them to go, smart cookies those two!  They opted for chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter cup ice cream, nice combo guys, nice combo.  My new mission in life, to find them again and eat dessert first.  I won't miss out next time, no way!

So, if you aren't a food truck scaredy cat (which if you are, you are totally missing out) then take your next date night to-go and find the nearest parking lot loaded with food trucks.  Who needs a stuffy old restaurant when you can have a variety of gourmet dishes to choose from right at your fingertips. Look online and get going, the food always goes fast!

What are some of your favorite food trucks?

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