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My Thriving Mommy participates in a lot of marathons...on Netflix that is.  Since living on the East Coast this past year she has had the lovely experience of being "stormed in".  For most people (like myself), I would become depressed and despite the horrid weather, do my best to book the next flight to somewhere sunny and bright.  Not my TM, she hunkers down in her clean, cozy and candled out home for some good old video education, most often in the form of documentaries.

Once she watches one, she pretty much forces me to watch it with her relentless badgering, "Have you watched ___ yet?" "You've got to watch____", "Oh you know I just learned so much from _____, it's a shame you won't take an evening to watch it too".  Finally, as per usual I give in.  As she likes to remind me, "Have I ever steered you wrong?"  The answer is always a quiet "no".


Her latest documentary obsession is called "Happy". After weeks of blowing her off, that free time presented itself (that and I had no shows on my DVR, I don't do live TV).  Even better, I noticed that the movie was only 75 minutes and therefore decided my TH and I should finally watch it.

According to Wadi Rum Films Inc, "HAPPY takes us on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what really makes people happy. Combining real life stories of people from around the world and powerful interviews with the leading scientists in happiness research, HAPPY explores the secrets behind our most valued emotion".

The film was well balanced with personal stories of people's perception of happiness supported by scientific research.  I of course being pregnant, am at the height of happiness each day for conquering my fertility struggles. So, it made sense that I would be sobbing through the entire thing.  So much of what was discussed in the film hit so close to home, especially how our culture always wants mooooorrreeee.  When do we stop and just find happiness in what we have not what we want?  We have to make the choice and effort to be happy. It is so easy to do, yet so put it into action.

My favorite sufer dude from the film...
As my TM did to me, I am now going to do to you. I urge you to take the one hour and 15 minutes to watch the film with someone you love.  I know watching with my TH and rubbing my belly filled me with such joy I was sure I was going to explode that very second.  It also gave us some great conversation following the film and made him realize that he too could benefit from finding more happiness in what he has.  I love random acts of kindness as they make me feel a great sense of happiness.  I took an extra moment recently to bask in the glee I felt from simply letting a man know I was leaving a busy parking and he could have my spot.  He thanked me profusely telling me he had been driving around for ten minutes.  So simple yet made us both feel so good.  To add the cherry on top, it was free.

Happiness not only makes you feel good but even scientific data suggests it also keeps you healthier and living longer.  No wonder my great grandparents lived until their late 90's, they were happy!

My great-grandma, the OE (original Emilia) and my great-grandpa "Mac" (Salvador), "The kindest man in the world"
So, what makes you happy?  Maybe you should take that 75 minutes and try to find out.  You may find you were like me and ready to pack it all up to live in a shack on a small island while serving food from my very own food truck.  I don't need all this stuff; all I really need is my health, family and most of all the happiness I create.

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