Friday, January 17, 2014

The Last Love Language - Gifts

We Thriving Wives feel it is of the utmost importance to keep communication strong in our marriages.  However, sometimes we have found we may be speaking different love languages.  For example, my language is Words of Affirmation while my Thriving Husband is more of an Acts of Service kind of man.  Nic is all about Physical Touch where her TH responds best to Quality Time.  Well, as you can see both of our thriving families can sometimes be a bit out of touch, but we make it work.   But then there is one last love language which none of us identified, Receiving Gifts.

For those people who "speak" this last language, they feel most loved when they are given gifts. While my mind immediately goes to, "Well isn't that nice, you only feel loved when given material objects, lucky you".  That isn't it at all.  The gifts don't have to cost a lot of money let alone be purchased at all, it really boils down to letting the person know you were thinking of them.  Maybe it is a bunch of flowers picked from a nearby park or even a pack of post-its on clearance since you know your spouse loves post-its (ok, that obviously is for me), but mostly, it is just the act of giving something to the one you love.

I can't say I know anyone personally with this love language, but then again I don't go around asking everyone to divulge this fact either.  I have many friends who still don't even know their own despite me telling them to take the test to find out.  I guess that is something they will have to do on their own, but why not?  You may just realize that you have been speaking different languages which has been resulting in arguments.  Who needs that?  Not me!! I'm off to get my house just perfect for when my TH gets home so he knows that it wasn't just because I too love to clean...just another act of service to show how much I love him!

What is your love language?  Find out today!

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