Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Taking On The Long Beach Antique Market in 2014


Knowing I wanted to kick off 2014 right, I decided to hit up the Long Beach Antique Market as soon as I could.  My girl Ash had never been and we had been trying to make plans to go for ages.  Lucky for us we were both free and decided to make a nice little Sunday out of it. 

When we made our way to the entrance at 8am, I explained that in the world of frugal fab finds, this was a rather late time to come, but it was better than 10.  I was astounded to find that the lines to get in were suuuuper long.  Go LBAM Go! We waited and chatted our way to the front and then made a plan to snake our way through each aisle.  I was in need of some shutters and gold frames and Ash was in the mood for well, anything!

The weather was cool and comfortable which made the huge crowd tolerable.  The rows were packed with shoppers all waiting to find their perfect treasures.  While I was thrilled the LBAM was so crowded, I did start to feel a bit competitive that they may snag my treasures too! I grabbed Ash and told her we had to MOVE!  These were just some of the many things we bought/fell in love with.

I loved all these bright handkerchief patterns!
This little guy made me feel like a kid all over again...no cell phones and just change in your pocket to call mom.
Yellow bar cart and old kitchen stool?! It feels like home!
Couldn't love this little tote anymore! Kitchen linens, dish towels? LOVE!
Loving these vintage mirrors, Ash snapped up a couple to take home.  Perfect for serving fancy drinks to guests or even a perfume display! The possibilities are endless.
Can't you just hear the malt shop melodies as you bake in the kitchen? I can!
Love the worn metal of these stools and thought they would be perfect both in and outdoors!

With Nic nesting out her new laundry room, we always have our eyes peeled for fun old washroom decor
Ash snapped up this handmade banner for a friend's baby shower, while I got all the tips on how to make my own!
I was BEYOND excited to get this HUGE box of old blocks for only $12!! The steal of the day for sure!

As always we had a blast shopping at the LBAM and even made it out before the heat set in; it was perfect!  Looking forward our next journey as we are sure to need more treasures again soon!

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