Friday, January 3, 2014

New Favorite Shopping Stop - Grove Antique Market

I know we have been to the Grove Antique Market a time or two, but I just CANNOT get enough!  I ended up doing most of my Christmas shopping at this lovely market, because the prices are unbeatable and I just love all the goods.  I am absolutely thrilled to be going again this Sunday and looking forward to more treasures to be found, we are even going to drag our Thriving Husbands so they too can see how great this baby is.  Granted, they may be posted up at the food trucks, but hey, that's ok too!  With a sassy new laundry room for Nic to decorate and my endless need to fill my home with more "stuff", I know we are going to find some steals for deals.

These caught my eye as they would be perfect to store outdoor items, so rustic!
This "chandelier ball" of sorts seems like a perfect way to add some glam while not being too "girly"
I loved the bright color and distressed edges of this piece and thought it would make a great end table.

I have a REAL thing for these trays and think they make the perfect hostess gift.  Who wouldn't want one of these with a mason jar of fresh flowers...I WOULD!  I got 4 for $10!
Found another $5 holler, had to get it! I just loved the floral design on this one!
My new garden workshop!
Tins, trays and latest obsessions.  When I saw these nasty old tins I was intrigued.   The lady selling them had no idea what to do with them and I quickly said,"They would be great to hold gardening supplies; gloves in one, seeds in another..." She said, "What a great idea! Why don't you take the set for $5?"...DONE!  I was able to snag this cart for the low price of $20 and now have my go-to garden cart ready to take all around my yard and prune my flowers and veggies.  I'm in love!

Got these for my Thriving Mommy, she is going through a serious needle point phase...
If I only had a daughter! This vintage rose pink play set was only $200 with all the original toys and there were TONS!
Love old blocks in a wood crate!
And even a fun little hat collection to play with..."Top of the mornin' to you!"

Hoping to see you there this upcoming Sunday, it will be a beautiful day, so bring your carts and get some gifts going for the New Year!

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