Monday, January 13, 2014

Make Your Monday - January 13th

Em's first week back at work really took it out of her and she was quite thankful for her cuddle party on Friday night and being in bed by 7:30 PM (what a party girl right?!).  Saturday morning kicked off with a long walk with her TH and ended with a short road trip with both Em and Nic's families to Santa Monica for a house warming/engagement party. Nic took advantage of her Mama's offer to watch BK while her and TH had date night on Friday! Saturday was relaxed until the party, and Sunday was spent running errands and doing laundry (we both lead such exciting lives). 

Do the right thing; always.  Take the extra second to hold open the door for someone else.  Be willing to let other people in your lane during traffic.  If you see someone in need, provide them with a hot meal.  See a dog running down the street terrified, stop to offer your help in keeping it safe.  Always strive to pay it forward and do good deeds wherever you see them.  The benefits of goodness are endless.  Stay away from things you believe are "bad" as they won't make you feel flows of positive energy.   And we all want tons of positive energy!

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