Friday, January 24, 2014

Date Night: Painting & Vino 

When my girl Kell saw the deal for Painting & Vino on Living Social, she immediately sent a mass text that this was just the (ladies) date night we needed to try.   So, knowing I had NO art skills whatsoever, I signed up...I may hate art but I do love wine.  The class was set for Wednesday night in Laguna Beach, I was loving that as LB is only a short 7 minutes away from my house.  I got my life together and set out into the sunset to be to class on time.

When I arrived to Mozambique Restaurant I was already feeling a bit intimidated.  This was a lovely establishment with lots of fancy people, rooftop seating and even birds.  I was starting to worry I may have gotten myself in over my head.  But knowing I was going to be with Kell amongst my other friends, I calmed myself down and tried to get in touch with my inner arteeest (say with a French accent please).

When we walked in I was amazed at the size of the room, it was HUGE!  There were so many bright white canvases I had to catch my breath; this was serious!  Here I thought we were going to be drinking bottles of wine with a few other novice painters and just get, this was no joke.  Heck, my super fancy artist friend C was with me, I should have known!

We found a table to accommodate us all and checked out our work station: Canvas and stand, plate with paints, brush set, paper towels and a water cup to rinse our brushes. far so good.  I took my inventory and started to get situated.  The instructor of the class was lovely and called us up to look at what we hoped would be our final product....riiiggghhht.  She encouraged us to take a picture with our phones so we could reference it as needed.  I snapped a pic and then totally forgot to ever look at it again..whoops!

We were supposed to end up with something like this....
Before we officially got started a waiter came around and took our drink orders.  Us wine-os clearly didn't read the fine print of the deal, we thought wine was included, which it wasn't...oops.  Oh well, we ordered a few bottles and tried to get some liquid courage before starting.  

Our instructor started in and immediately made us feel at ease.  She assured us that we were not all professionals and that was ok, to just let our creative juices flow and see what happened.  We first kept the wine flowing and hoped the creativity would follow.

Before we got started we went through what all our materials were and what to do if we needed more paint.  She then talked us through how the lesson was going to go.  She would show us on her canvas and we would do our best to follow along.  I soon found out how hard it is to try and be artistic, watch and listen, but I did my best.  The first thing we did was mix some colors and paint our entire canvas blue.  Well, I was doing GREAT so far!  My canvas was just perfect...but then we started adding to it and well, for me, it was all downhill from there.  I hated my clouds, my lily pads looked like elephant ears and I had no idea how to mix colors, but I stayed with it.  I really did try and get artsy which I think is why it just got worse and worse.  But, at least Kell was cracking me up as she is also pretty hard on her artistic self and thankfully, C was sitting across from me so her masterpiece wasn't getting thrown in my face!

When we finished the sky and lily pads, I decided I needed a break.  I found myself hating my picture and wanted to re-energize my creative spirit.  So, I ordered a ton of food to woof down as the class started on the next section.  I enjoyed every bite of a veggie slider, veggie skewer and green salad...YUM!  The food was delicious and as soon as I was done I was ready to take these water lilies by storm!

As I set up my next move, I was feeling good about adding some flora to this pic.  Just as I was starting to feel good about my painting we moved on to water shading...then it got bad...very, very bad.  Just when she would tell us to try and create a calm pond, I suddenly had a vicious shark attack going on...what was wrong with me?! Even Kell was getting in the groove!

Kell's is on the right, my monstrosity is on the left.
As the class progressed I was getting more and more angry at my ugly painting and just decided to call it quits.  I was having the best time watching everyone else and listening to the banter going across our table.  I sat back and sipped while the girls finished up.  I knew I wasn't a great artist, but this was just too much to bear.

When the class ended I decided to see what the famous C had been doing the whole time she was sitting across from me lost in creative concentration.  Low and behold....what should be an award winning painting.  I am going to spare you my final product because I think it may have ended up somewhere along PCH...

Despite my lack of talent, the night was such fun.  I would recommend this to anyone who is good at art or enjoys a good laugh.  Whether with your man or ladies, Painting & Vino is a must do date night.  Especially since they are often featured on Groupon and Living Social for a great price, you gotta do it!

Thank you Painting & Vino OC, it was a wonderful weeknight out! Have you ever taken a painting class? How was your experience?

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