Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'Tis the Season

As the feast is prepped for Thanksgiving dinner, the Christmas decorations come down from the attic.  I like to spend the day after Thanksgiving (well, this year the day before) decorating the house for Old Saint Nick.  So, away went the Autumn leaves and pumpkins and in came ornaments and lights!  Using only what I already had (courtesy of the Dollar Tree and a my lovely MIL), I was ready for another cost effective holiday decorating party for one!

Using my scads of sparkly red fabric, I cover any surface I can. Removing the fall colored beads from my vintage milk bottles (I know Marie, you are dying), I added some mini gold ornaments to just one.  My amazing design guide, Shell always urges me to appreciate "negative space"...so I try!  How'd I do Shell?!

With my entry way getting more  and more Kringled out, I replaced the pumpkins in my glass displays with multicolored ornaments. I pulled out my red, green and candy cane votive candles as well...I do love candles. 

I worked my way around the house and decided to attack my fireplace next.  I had stockings to hang!  A few more votives and my favorite gold glitter birds sat sweetly on the mantle next to my snowflake stocking holders.

Now, to swap out the frames....I took out the leaves, and used gold ribbon to attach gold ornaments in each frame. 

I put gold ornaments in each frame and decided t do a tri-color blend in the center frame just for fun.  It again, turned out frame-tastic!

With the living room done, it was time to move over to my vintage bar....easy transformation.  swap out the leaves and squash for some glittery poinsettia blooms and I am on to the next piece of furniture; the hutch.

With the red fabric done, I simply added some more blooms, ornaments and my new mercury glass Christmas trees, courtesy of my lovely MIL...thank you G, I love them!!!

Any empty glass bowl was filled with ornaments a very easy way to add a little cheer to every corner of the house!

Before I tacked the main event (the tree), I had to swap out my stool covers.  I grabbed my pliers and staple gun and got to work.  Off came the autumn cover, staples removed and on went the Christmas cover.  Pulled tight and stapled into place, I was done in just ten minutes!

Now...the main event, the tree.  I have chosen to use a "fake" tree because I am not comfortable cutting down a tree, don't like the mess a real one leaves behind and prefer to reuse the same one each year.  It doesn't take me long to put our big Fir together, and I appreciate getting to wrap the lights as I go.  Once that part is done, the real fun begins.  Unwrapping the storage bin of ornaments and hanging them.  This is the only indoor decorating activity my TH partakes in.  Otherwise, he is strictly committed to outdoor lights...that is just fine with me!  With the ornaments on display, lights turned on and eggnog candles burning I just couldn't be happier!  Grab me a cup of cocoa and turn on some Bing Crosby and I am good to go for the next month!

What did you do to decorate for the holidays?  Are you on a budget or do you go big?

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