Thursday, December 5, 2013

Perfectly Painted Vintage Dressers

After we bought our new house, and as I began to fill my newly purchased house with more furniture (since we were upgraded to more square footage) I thought very carefully about what I wanted in my house. I refused to buy any more "throw away" Ikea-style furniture, and began hunting for some vintage pieces that looked a little more updated with a fresh coat of paint. What I really needed were some new dressers... TH and I had unfortunately been hanging onto our old gross ones from college and it was time to move on. Em and I scoured a few antique markets to no avail - everything was either too pricey, too small, or not the right color.

Being rather pregnant at the time, I had a lot of "lounging around" time that I spent on the internet, and I decided to give Craigslist a try since I had found some decent pieces in the past that people were trying to purge. Suddenly the clouds parted and the sun shone on EXACTLY what I had been looking for: a french provincial style shabby chic vintage dresser in off-white. To top it off, the cost was about the same as one of those aforementioned Ikea dressers, but had double the personality! I contacted the seller and Em and I made the trek up to Los Angeles to pick up my new amazing purchase.

New paint AND new hardware!

Love these handles

You can't get that kind of detail at Ikea!
When we walked into this gentleman's house, we realized he must have a little side business out of painting old furniture because right there in the entryway were a few more lively looking dressers. Immediately I walked over to a mint green one and asked "how much for this one?" Sadly his answer was "oh, it's sold..." and my heart sank a little. You see, little BK's nursery is primarily mint green and I desperately wanted a vintage dresser in that exact color to be the centerpiece in the room. Unfortunately mint is a MUCH trickier color to find than say, off-white. Most dressers we came across were either seafoam or turquoise, but never my mint. To my surprise, he then told me "I can do custom jobs if you like. What are you looking for? Once I find the piece I'll email you pictures and if you like it, I'll paint it for you in this color if you want." Again the sun seemed to shine a little brighter and my nursery visions were complete! What a gem this gentleman was! 

It only took a couple of weeks for him to email me a smaller dresser he found that met my specifications. Unfortunately it had some floral details that I deemed a little too girly for BK's nursery, so I asked him to continue the search. Another week went by and he found the perfect one! 24 hours later, it was painted and ready to be picked up. Placing it in BK's room was one of the happiest days I had decorating his nursery, and it is by FAR my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house.

Love those wavy drawers and new silver drawer pulls to match the grey accents in the room!

A little distressing goes a long way....

Those cute feet!
I know I'll be back for more one day, but for now I'm just so thrilled I found Leszy and his perfectly painted furniture. You can see all his creations (available and sold) on both his Pinterest board and Google+ page. If you do decide to hit him up for some goodies please tell him the Thriving Wives sent you his way!

P.S. Excited for a little sneak peek into BK's nursery? Well stay tuned because I'll finally be revealing the whole thing very soon!

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