Monday, December 9, 2013

Make Your Mondays - December 9th

Em had a lovely weekend at home with not only her Thriving Mommy in town for a visit, but also her non-biological sister KK! Nic tried her best to keep warm and dry, finally getting around to putting up Christmas lights and decorations for the first time ever! She's never been one to decorate for holidays (always being somewhere else for them), but now that she's got a real home and a real baby, it was time to start.

Call it Karma or just accept that good things happen to those who do good.  When you are kind to others, low and behold, others are kind to you.  Perhaps not in every situation, but do you feel good when you are nasty to someone else?  I surely hope not, as that is simply not thriving.  You choose the vibration, you send it out and in return, you get it back.  So, make a wise choice and send out something strong, positive and good.  Then, wait for it to come right back.

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