Sunday, December 22, 2013

Make Your Mondays - December 23rd

Em had a nice weekend after a tough week.  Despite being elated for her two week break from school, she and her TH had to send their beloved man-dog Handsome to heaven.  After being sick for a few months, the time had come for him to frolick with the angels.  We miss you Handsy!  But, the holidays brought some happiness as finishing the last of the Christmas shopping.  Nic spent most of the weekend battling BK's first cold and dedicated herself to being the "Booger Hunter".  She was forced to cancel her plans to go home to the Bay to visit family, but is looking forward to baby's first Christmas.

No matter what you believe, life is going to carry on around you.  Events will take place, people will change and things fall apart, but it is how you navigate life's challenges that makes us who we are.  Whatever is meant to be will be.  All we can do is control the now, the choices we make and the energy we put into the world.  Find happiness, find joy and be grateful for all the good in the world.


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