Monday, December 30, 2013

Make Your Monday - December 30th

The New Year is upon us!  Wrapping up December with non stop holiday madness, Em spent a lovely and thriving Christmas morning at home with her TH and then headed to Nic's for Christmas dinner.  She then made the seemingly endless drive to the Bay Area to spend her birthday and the last few days of December with family before gearing up for a sparkling NYE bash. Nic had planned to also drive up to the Bay Area for Christmas, but BK came down with his very first cold which made traveling far too difficult. She made the most of it though, by having her in laws and Mama come over Christmas Eve and a few friends (including Em) over for a cozy Christmas Day dinner. Christmas with her NorCal family will be postponed a few weeks until she can drive up again!

We hope all of you got every wish you made this holiday season!

Having the reputation as having great energy and always being positive will bring you nothing but success.  Who doesn't want to be around someone who is always upbeat, flexible and sees only the good in things?  I do, I do!  When you practice this happiness and share it with others, it becomes a way of life.  Just as exercising and eating healthy shouldn't be fads but a lifestyle, so is being happy.  So, let's add this to our new lifestyle starting today!

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