Monday, December 2, 2013

Make Your Monday - December 2nd

Happy Birthday to our very own NICOLLE! After visiting fam for Thanksgiving, she celebrated turning 31 with her TH by visiting her fave restaurant, The Melting Pot, and going to a late night showing of Catching Fire. Getting home at 12:30 was a rare experience for her! Her TH also has been working tirelessly on his gift to her - a laundry room makeover!! Funny how time flies, it seems like only yesterday we were blogging about her Great Gatsby 30th...

Em had a very low key and relaxing looong holiday weekend at home with her pups.  While Wednesday served as her "Thanksgiving" of sorts, Thursday was just spent watching the parade and baking pumpkin goodness to make her home smell like heaven.

I never really thought about the differences between motivation and inspiration until reading this quote.  Then, as most of the quotes do...I started thinking...   I see how motivating others works, but it is heavily reliant on the motivator. For example, when I motivate my clients through their workouts, I am pushing them to do something they wouldn't necessarily do on their own.  But, they do it because I am urging them on and telling them they can overcome what they are facing.  However, the "light" and power is not coming from within, it is coming from me.  As opposed to those clients are inspired and take full control of their goals and all the actions it takes to achieve those goals.  Inspiration is what drives you, what gives you that strength and desire to make things happen.   So, while I will continue to motivate, the real question is, who can we inspire this week?

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