Friday, December 13, 2013

20 Minute - Power "Hour"

Ever want a super quick power workout to make you feel great yet not steal a ton of time?  Well, so do I, so do I.  Thankfully, I have managed to hold on to a wonderful CD from my college days.  Not sure how it made the trip safely, but it did and boy am I thankful.

This said CD changes songs each minute.  Granted, in college, it was not intended for exercise, but that is all it gets used for these days and it is great!  I am able to do a variety of exercises and change each time the song does.  If you have a timer or someone that is willing to tell you when to switch, I urge you to give this power packed 20 minute workout a try.  It has a cardio component as well as strength.  As with all workouts, you get what you put into it, so put in WORK!

Minute 1-5:  Jumping Jacks
(abs in TIGHT, strong arms with elbows bent and wrists crossing, feet in and out)

Minute 5-6: High Knees
(abs in TIGHT, chest up and out, knees higher than hips)

Minute 6-7: Quick Feet
(feet shoulder width apart, elbows bent and hands out, feet moving fast)

Minute 7-8: Mountain Climbers
(strong plank position, abs in tight, butt down knees to chest, FAST)

Minute 8-9: 60 Second Plank
(abs in, butt down, arms aligned with shoulders, quads and glutes engaged)

Minute 9-10: Jump Rope
(real or imaginary rope; abs in, feet together and off the ground)

Minute 10-11:  Push Ups
(abs in, modify as needed, pace yourself...)

Minute 11-12: Tricep Dips
(flip to your backside, fingertips to heels, hips up, elbows are the only thing that bend)

Minute 12-13: Squat Jumps
(squat down, touch the ground, explode up and jump)

Minute 13-14:  Alternating Lunges
(abs in, right leg forward, left knee drops, lunge, back to center, switch legs)

Minute 14-15:  Butt Kicks
(run in place, abs in, hands hanging at side and touch your heels, fast!)

Minute 15-16: Crunches
(on your back, feet on the ground, head resting and chin to sky, squeeze your core)

Minute 16-17:  Leg Lifts
(bring thumbs and finger tips together in a diamond and place under your tailbone, lay back with upper body flat on the ground, legs straight and then raise straight up, and lower down, don't touch the ground, repeat)

Minute 17-18:  Mountain Climbers
(repeat, minute 7-8)

Minute 18-19:  High Knees
(repeat, minute 5-6)

Minute 19-20:  Jumping Jacks
(repeat minute 1-5)

DONE!! Now walk around, breath and did it!

Download our handy little printable to stick on your wall or bring with you to the gym for a quick reference:

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